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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Building a Community of Social Pioneers in Germany

I had the big opportunity joining self 4 weeks ago to write my own job description. Almost 4 months ago, I defined that I want to work as an “Initiator & Facilitator of Change Networks”. I see the Social Pioneers community in Germany as a pilot project for me to define my practice more clearly. Looking at the Social Pioneers community, I would like to develop and connect people who are working on social innovation. Furthermore, I would like to inspire people to take responsibility and leadership for implementing social innovations in an entrepreneurial way in Germany.

The tools I use for practicing as an “Initiator & Facilitator of Change Networks” are dialogue tools which provide the space and the time for social pioneers to have the conversations that matter to them. In the upcoming weeks, we will be experimenting with different community-building tools such as Communities of Practice, the Chaordic Design Process, Learning Networks and Success Teams, Netweaving, dialogues tools (such as World Café, OpenSpace, Appreciative Inquiry, Presencing, Dialogue Games), methods from intercultural trainings, and personal leadership development modules.

I would like to start our dialogue in the Social Pioneers community with these 2 questions:

  • Where do you see your role in developing this community?
  • What is your practice that you can contribute?

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