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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

selfHUB News - week 11

selfHUB Inside

  • We are looking for interns as successors for Babsi who is leaving us unfortunately after Easter. Do you know suitable people? Feel free to distribute the job description amongst your networks. For download go to self-News
  • We are looking for 30 new Hub Unlimited Members. We have printed new selfHUB postcards and have created some pdfs to distribute. You can get postcards from the Host-of-the-Day in the front of the selfHUB. pdfs for Start-ups/Freelancers and for an office in the capital are ready to download
  • ecochoice publishes study on electronics online-shops

Stories from last week

  • Thu: Babsi talks in the selfSALON about her diploma thesis about self (more)
  • Fri: School intern Pamela has her last day in the selfHUB. Some of her impressions are captured in this Blog
  • Sat: Frauke signs one share for the co-operative Weiberwirtschaft
  • Sun-Tue: Kaospilots Team 1 are filming for their Road Movie on Social Innovation in the selfHUB/Berlin
  • Mon: first selfHUB Lunch with the BMW-Foundation and the Kaospilots

Upcoming Events

  • This week's selfSALON will be on Sat, 15.03, 19:30, Nollywood Film from Nigeria, afterwards discussion with the director
  • selfSALON 20.04., 19:00, short films "The future of work", in German with English sub-titles

The Market Square

The Hub in the Press

A big thank-you goes out to Franz for his short-notice but quick work on the layout of the new postcards, to Gertrud for volunteering to host last Friday, to Sebastian for the spontaneous selfHUB tour and to Babsi our super-trainee for the moral support and helping-hand during the Kaospilots visit!!!



Anke Rahusen has volunteered at the selfHUB Kick-off to take pictures on all 4 days. You can order pictures from the Kick-Off days from her (10 x 15 cm or 13 x 18 cm), for 5,– € each. Pick your pictures at:

Die PixelGräfin, Anke Rahusen


Working place at the selfHUB

Sunday, March 9, 2008

How to study worldchange management?

Through the Otto Scharmer Presencing online course in Fall 2007, I got in touch with one of the founding presidents of Gaia University Germany, Kathleen Batke. Meeting personally in Berlin a few months later, it was clear to me that in order to understand this new concept of university learning I need to experience it.

Therefore, I attended the introduction workshop of the Gaia University in the eco-village Lebensgartern Steyerberg in Lower-Saxony last week-end.

Getting to know other participants on the first day, we shared experiences in learning groups of 3 around the questions “What have been positive and negative learning experiences for you so far in life?”. I realized that my greatest learnings have been outside of the traditional school and university system. I have learned through experiences (being in other cultures) and working in teams project-based or learning in chaordic networks (e.g. in AIESEC, Pioneers of Change or self).

Gaia University offers a self-designed one-year learning path around a project that is changing the world. The application is a 10-15 pages essay describing the personal life learning plan.

Probably the hardest part of the application is to find the right topic and question for your project. I might apply next year and still have some time to develop this vision into a concrete project idea:

Friday, March 7, 2008

selfSALON - Impressions and Questions

This week, our trainee from Austria, Babsi presented her diploma thesis she is currently writing about self in the selfHUB:

We started off with discussing the academic approach to social entrepreneurship:
Moving over to the current situation at self, we are facing the dilemma of "How to attract the right people?". We want to create NEW with self in the selfHUB but are stuck with old paradigms of marketing, customer relationships, and financial constraints in building a social business

The challenge of self-organization: how do we move towards self-organization? How do we connect to people through building bridges that we build while we walk on them? How do we connect, stay connected and re-connect to self stakeholders?

What is self? How do we design clear communication around self? And how do we live self ourselves?

Thank you to Franz and Ilona for this challening but inspiring dialogue!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pamela's questions

Questions about organisation and structure of the selfHUB:
1)How much does one room / space cost?
2)How many social workers are working in the HUB Berlin?
3)What kind of work do other colleagues have?
4)Who is the manager of selfHUB Berlin?
5)How many members are in the selfHUB berlin?
6)How many members are in the HUB London?
7)How many social workers are working in the HUB London?

Questions about the members in the selfHUB:
8)How many hours are social workers working per month?
9)How much money do they earn per hour?
10)How much money do they earn per month?
11)What other things do they want for the society?
12)How many workers in the selfHUB Berlin do have laptops?

Questions about the future of the HUB:
13)Will the selfHUB Berlin own one of these rooms,to make a office room with PC´s for Pioneers without any laptops?
14)Will the selfHUB Berlin and the HUB London be famous on the earth one day?
15)Will they make any promotion on TV Television in future for the selfHUB Berlin or the HUB London?
16)If they make any promotions on TV and Internet will it be about their works on changing the world/earth?
17)If they make promotions will it be interesting for the society on this earth to help changing the world in good future?
18)Will the selfHUB make also promotions for the global change on earth?

Questions about society:
19)Does the society think that this is a great idea to help changing the world by every bit you do?
20)Will the society even react positive on let change happend?

Pamela doing her vocational training at the HUB

Hi my name is Pamela, and i´m 15 years old. I go to Comprehensive school in( Moabit )Berlin.
I´m at Year 9 ,and the school is called Moses Mendelssohn.At the moment i do my vocational training in the Self Hub Berlin.My vocational training started on the 18.2.2008 and it is ending soon at the 7.3.2008.