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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Social Pioneers: Gabriela Ender

Gertrud Graf, a teacher from the self network, has interviewed Social Pioneer Gabriela Ender about her social technology OpenSpace-Online for the German magazine "ab 40":

"Each day, millions of people travel around the globe to attend meetings, workshops, trainings and conferences. The cost for organizing, traveling and time are enormous and the CO2 exhaustion levels are gigantic. What can we do? Should our "globalized" world renounce its most valuable kind of communication, the meeting of people face-to-face? No, says Gabriela Ender. The question is not one of renunciation but of how to consciously create sustainable bridges between our offline and online modes. Gabriela Ender is a visionary, a progressive thinker and an enabler. She puts the people squarely into the center of her internet-based conference method and initiates on a global level totally new processes for learning, finding solutions and initiating change in society, economy, politics, education and research."

Click here to read the interview in English.

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