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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pamela's questions

Questions about organisation and structure of the selfHUB:
1)How much does one room / space cost?
2)How many social workers are working in the HUB Berlin?
3)What kind of work do other colleagues have?
4)Who is the manager of selfHUB Berlin?
5)How many members are in the selfHUB berlin?
6)How many members are in the HUB London?
7)How many social workers are working in the HUB London?

Questions about the members in the selfHUB:
8)How many hours are social workers working per month?
9)How much money do they earn per hour?
10)How much money do they earn per month?
11)What other things do they want for the society?
12)How many workers in the selfHUB Berlin do have laptops?

Questions about the future of the HUB:
13)Will the selfHUB Berlin own one of these rooms,to make a office room with PC´s for Pioneers without any laptops?
14)Will the selfHUB Berlin and the HUB London be famous on the earth one day?
15)Will they make any promotion on TV Television in future for the selfHUB Berlin or the HUB London?
16)If they make any promotions on TV and Internet will it be about their works on changing the world/earth?
17)If they make promotions will it be interesting for the society on this earth to help changing the world in good future?
18)Will the selfHUB make also promotions for the global change on earth?

Questions about society:
19)Does the society think that this is a great idea to help changing the world by every bit you do?
20)Will the society even react positive on let change happend?

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