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Friday, March 7, 2008

selfSALON - Impressions and Questions

This week, our trainee from Austria, Babsi presented her diploma thesis she is currently writing about self in the selfHUB:

We started off with discussing the academic approach to social entrepreneurship:
Moving over to the current situation at self, we are facing the dilemma of "How to attract the right people?". We want to create NEW with self in the selfHUB but are stuck with old paradigms of marketing, customer relationships, and financial constraints in building a social business

The challenge of self-organization: how do we move towards self-organization? How do we connect to people through building bridges that we build while we walk on them? How do we connect, stay connected and re-connect to self stakeholders?

What is self? How do we design clear communication around self? And how do we live self ourselves?

Thank you to Franz and Ilona for this challening but inspiring dialogue!

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