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Saturday, February 9, 2008

All about Hosting – Day 5

In the morning, I went to see Timo from Finnland who has started the LearningHouse with his wife Eliza from the Hub. The Learning House is a 15min walk from the Hub.

The LearningHouse is a centre for learning and enterprise development. They host participative events and training processes, creating space for people and business to grow. It is a space not hosted but users are rather called residents with shared responsibilities for the space.

Next is the Host Team Meeting at the Hub. Maria who has been hosting with guest hosts for the past 2 years is hosting the hosting team now with 2 hosts, Holly and Jo, and the Operational Manager Manfred. As a team, they are still learning and defining the financial and IT processes.

Before I rush off to catch my flight back to Berlin, I sit a bit more with Maria to talk about the software, IT issues, and to review my week at the Hub.

It has been a pretty fast week, lots of learnings, and a great opportunity for a host from another Hub to exchange ideas and to learn about the Hub culture. A big thank you to Maria and the rest of the Hub team and members for their time in answering all my question!

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