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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Meeting The Hub Members – Day 3

Yesterday, I spent some time on meeting (former) Hub members and got the chance to visit their projects. I started in the morning with a little trip to Brixton. A borough in the south of London with a multicultural population and lots of issues for social innovation.

I met Sofia and the team of Melanin for office breakfast. They are currently creating a space for community empowerment and school social enterprises in Brixton. Knowing Sofia from Pioneers of Change, she is currently working on inter-generational dialogue, the confluence model and the Muhammad Yunus social movement in the UK “Creating a World Without Poverty”.

Coming back to the Hub, I went straight into a Hub Lunch with Abigail Tripp on “Marketing and Communication for Social Enterprise”. For one hour, we work on a case study from one of the Hub members. Elemental will launch their product – wecoach - in June: how can it be a launch with an impact?

In the afternoon, I learn about some member attraction strategies of the Hub. Again, I find some food for thought in the Hub toilets ;-)

And I finish the day off by talking to the Hub member Justin who is looking for partners in Germany for his business. Justin has developed an online tool to measure social impact of organizations by looking at how much of the organization’s income is spent locally.

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